2021 Schedule

All Dates Confirmed

February 26-28 Memphis International Raceway (4 Hour TREC Race Friday) https://nasaproracing.com/events/3498

March 27-28 National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

May 1-2 Gateway (WWTR)/St. Louis https://nasaproracing.com/events/3604

June 5-6 NOLA Motorsports Park https://nasaproracing.com/events/3591

July 24-25 Barber Motorsports Park https://nasaproracing.com/events/3534

August 27-29 Nashville Super Speedway https://nasaproracing.com/events/3535

September 16-19 Daytona (NASA Championships)

October 22-24 National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park w/ 5 Hour TREC Race Friday

November 12-14 Memphis International Raceway – Regional Championships w/6 Hour TREC Race Friday

All regional events will have HPDE, Time Trial, & Wheel to Wheel Racing

Provided there are participants, we plan for all Memphis events to have a Competition School & Instructor Clinic

Remaining 2020 Track Events

With roughly 3 weeks to go until our event at NCM with the Great Lakes region, we are excited about the cooler weather & a strong close to this year.

Here are the remaining events for 2020:

October 23-25: National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park w/ 4 Hour TREC Race Friday https://nasaproracing.com/events/3226

November 14-16: Memphis International Raceway – Regional Championships w/6 Hour TREC Race Monday https://nasaproracing.com/events/3246

Our events at both NCM & Memphis will be 3 day events with Test & Tune/HPDE opportunities and a 4 hour TREC race on Friday at NCM.

Due to an issue with the track on Friday, November 13th, at Memphis, we are going to hold a 6 hour TREC race the Monday after our weekend event.  We need cars for the Monday event to happen.  If you think you are going to attend the Monday TREC race at Memphis, please send us an email ASAP.

2021 Schedule – We are hoping to have 5 tracks on the schedule for next year.  Watch for special updates prior to our November Memphis event.

Team Mid South

September Track Day at Memphis International Raceway – 9/18/20

Memphis International Raceway and NASA Mid South have partnered to bring you an exclusive track day! Test your vehicle to its limits on MIR’s 1.8 mile eight turn road course.

The track day will feature three run groups: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced.

Come join us at Memphis International Raceway for this low stress one day event Friday, September 18th.

Gates open by 10 am; Track runs from noon until 7 pm with 20 minute sessions for each group every hour.  NO NASA membership required.

To purchase tickets, click the link below:

Click Me to Register

Barber – Track Records

Let us know if you see anything that you believe is not correct & we will have our Timing & Scoring team review the database.  Remember, a track record must be set during a race.

Barber Motorsports Park – Leeds, AL
Time Class Date Name
1:47.428 944 Spec 7/29/2018 Mickey Thomas
1:42.607 American Iron 7/30/2017 Wayne Caudle
1:50.050 GTS1 7/31/2016 Larry Helm
1:36.662 GTS3 7/26/2020 Werner Stark
1:42.703 GTS4 7/31/2016 Bob Hahnemann
1:36.211 GTSU 7/28/2018 David Richardson
1:42.069 Honda Challenge 1 7/30/2016 David Isbell
1:48.355 Honda Challenge 2 7/28/2018 Vincent Coker
1:38.530 NP01 7/29/2018 Sam Mangiameli
1:41.594 PTB 7/30/2016 Roman Kickirillo
1:48.607 Spec Miata 7/26/2020 Shay Corbin
1:47.941 Spec E30 7/29/2017 Mark Issa
1:43.489 Spec E46 7/30/2017 Seth Thomas
1:35.546 Super Touring 1 7/28/2018 Terry Mathis
1:36.965 Super Touring 2 7/26/2020 Eric Yow
1:39.125 Super Touring 3 7/28/2018 John Hyer
1:31.778 Super Unlimited 7/28/2018 Dennis Cox
1:31.155 TT1 7/31/2016 Dez White
1:34.208 TT2 7/26/2020 Eric Yow
1:37.870 TT3 7/29/2018 John Hyer
1:36.681 TT4 7/25/2020 Todd Kaley
1:49.916 TT6 7/26/2020 Ryan Rehkopf
1:38.675 TTB 7/31/2016 Allan Page
1:39.789 TTC 7/30/2017 Todd Kaley
1:43.599 TTD 7/30/2017 Jon Kozlow
1:46.092 TTE 7/29/2017 Marcus Luttrell
1:25.277 TTU 7/26/2020 Terry Olson
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