2021 Schedule

All Dates Confirmed

February 26-28 Memphis International Raceway (4 Hour TREC Race Friday) https://nasaproracing.com/events/3498

March 27-28 National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park

May 1-2 Gateway (WWTR)/St. Louis https://nasaproracing.com/events/3604

June 5-6 NOLA Motorsports Park https://nasaproracing.com/events/3591

July 24-25 Barber Motorsports Park https://nasaproracing.com/events/3534

August 27-29 Nashville Super Speedway https://nasaproracing.com/events/3535

September 16-19 Daytona (NASA Championships)

October 22-24 National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park w/ 5 Hour TREC Race Friday

November 12-14 Memphis International Raceway – Regional Championships w/6 Hour TREC Race Friday

All regional events will have HPDE, Time Trial, & Wheel to Wheel Racing

Provided there are participants, we plan for all Memphis events to have a Competition School & Instructor Clinic