Mid South Region’s “Flag Lady”

In typical NASA fashion, Shawn and Mike first met Richard Bratton, Jr., and his son Rich while paddocked next to each other at a Southeast Region event at Road Atlanta. They hit it off instantly and parked next to each other at many other events, with Richard serving as the area cook.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2011, when the Mid South region was formed. Richard joined our team and at our second event, Gayla, his wife began accompanying him. I say “accompanying,” but she was WORKING in Tech with Richard without even being asked. They have run Tech for NASA Mid South ever since.

Gayla and Mike T with flag bags close up 050912

As a start-up region, we needed most everything but tried to purchase only absolute necessities, which is still a lot. One thing we did not have (nor did our main track, Memphis International Raceway) was complete flag sets. As we checked into purchasing them, we found out how expensive they were.

Gayla Bratton overheard us talking about them and seeing a need, launched a secret mission. She mentioned to us that she thought she could make a set.

Gayla and Sarah Making Flags 050912

We were impressed. Gayla and a dear friend, Sarah Reese, went into sewing mode. What began as one set of flags ended up being eight sets (roughly 80 flags)! They traveled all over for fabric (after cleaning out their local small town Missouri stores). Not only did they donate 8 sets of flags, but they also provided embroidered bags with “NASA Mid South” on each bag.

Flags Spread Out 050912

When they arrived at our March event with the flags, we were stunned and humbled that someone would be so generous!

We got lucky when the Bratton’s joined our team. They are great people and a perfect fit for our growing NASA Mid South family. Thanks again “Miss” Gayla.


By Pam Taylor – NASA Mid South Registrar