2021 Mid South Regional Champions

Congratulations to our 2021 Champions!

Class                       Champion

            Time Trial

TT2                         Derek Fletcher

TT4                         Rob Rehkopf

TT5                         Paul Zarychta

TT6                         Ryan Rehkopf

TTU                        Johnathon Ward


          W2W Racing

944 Spec                Chris Simmons

Spec E30                Team Patina Racing

Spec Miata             Rick Worth

ST2                           Taylor Ramey

ST4                           Daniel Madamba



TREC4                       Team Patina Racing


              Special Awards

Rookie of the Year           Alek Paterson

Official of the Year           Rob Rehkopf

NASA Mid South Promo Video

Check out our new promo video created by Mid South Aerials:

NASA Mid South Promo Video

Thanks to everyone whose vehicle ended up in the final product and to the Mid South Aerials team for their work on this project.  They have a lot of footage from the weekend.  If you would like to have them put together something from NSS, you can go to their website and contact them: https://www.midsouthaerials.com/home

We hope to see them again at future events.