2019 Points – Final

Congratulations to our 2019 Champions:

Time Trial:

TT4 – Robert Miller

TT5 – Team DevelopMental Racing

TT6 – Shawn Brereton

TTU – Kurtis Johnson


W2W Racers:

GTS2 – David Schram

GTS3 – Werner Stark

Spec Miata – Shawn Beckett

944 Spec – Chris Simmons


Ricky Ricks Official of the Year – Nathan LaFayette


Click the Links for the Final points: Time Trial    W2W Racers

2019 Winter in July Track Event


Our Winter in July event this year is at Memphis International Raceway and promises to be one of our largest events of the year.

In addition to our normal HPDE (High Performance Driving in your vehicle), Time Trial, and Wheel to Wheel racing, we offer our Hyperdrive option where you get a classroom session and one 20 minute on track session in your vehicle.  Beware, once you try it, you will be hooked.

If there is enough interest, we can also have a Competition School for experienced drivers who are ready for Wheel to Wheel racing & an Instructor Clinic for those who are ready to share their knowledge with their peers and assist in training drivers.  For more information on these two options, contact Shawn at [email protected]